Please note: The dates for this event have changed. Originally they were December 1, 2016. The Support Forum will now occur February 28th, 2017.

Municipalities, Schoolboards and the like are very unique when it comes to Ontario's Public Sector. Working groups and knowledgable colleages are helpful but by and large, these organizations can seemingly be an island, all by itself, in the middle of a very large ocean. And eventhough being so close to the stakeholders one serves can be very rewarding, the challenges presented can seem like crossing a vast ocean in a row boat!


This one-day event (potential optional workshops on Nov. 30th) is dedicated to building a community of professionals that learn from one another and share ideas & resources. The stakes are rising and the need for this community to bind together is crucial. Join us in February as we simply support one another as we wade through the realities and expectations of managing records in a public body subject to MFIPPA & FIPPA.


~ Why this event? ~  

Measures to ensure preservation of records

   10.1  Every head of an institution shall ensure that reasonable measures respecting the records in the custody or under the control of the institution are developed, documented and put into place to preserve the records in accordance with any recordkeeping or records retention requirements, rules or policies, whether established under an Act or otherwise, that apply to the institution.

Eventhough the benefits of a functioning system are overwhelming, the stakes are simply higher. All organizations whether subject to FIPPA or M/FIPPA will be under greater scrutiny to get this done.

~ Who is this event for? ~

Does this sound like you?

  • You are a records manager who has been asked by your CAO  to “do something about” electronic records and email
  • You have read Bill 8, which emphasizes the requirement for municipalities to manage records properly, and you know that this clause extends to electronic records
  • You are an FOI coordinator who cannot respond to a request because your organization can’t find the relevant electronic records
  • You are an IT professional and are being asked to come up with a solution for managing e-documents
  • Communications just announced a new Open Data initiative without consulting RM, FOI or Privacy

...if so, you are not alone.